Simple is good.

Don't over think it. Consumer motivation is ultimately primal and increasingly skeptical. Generative tools are poisoning modern design and marketing with over-complicated regurgitation of stale messaging.

As a creative thinker, this is my goal:
Keep it simple. Be original.

My best examples for you may be buried deep in my archives, but more likely surfacing at our next brainstorming session.I also create logos and brand identities, shoot photography and photo-direct and -edit, layout and produce brochures, catalogs, ads campaigns, postcards and mailers, product packaging, POP, POS, outdoor and interior signage, events and trade show booths, websites and banner ads, social media and doom-scroll fodder. Creative Direction, copywriting, production coordination, and creative consulting are other skills in my toolbox.

That's not all, I also
have an attention span longer than an inch. eat cliché for lunch. practice the craft of irony. can visualize things without VR. know what a press check is.

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Brent Asproth